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Undead Slayer Mod APK
App NameUndead Slayer
Latest Version2.0.0
Mod InfoMOD Unlocked
Supported ByAndroid 4.4+


Are you looking for a story-based role-playing action game to kill your spare time? Don’t worry! We find the best multiplayer stunning game in the mechanic of slasher for you. Undead Slayer Mod APK, unique gameplay, has a simple interface with eye-catching 3D graphics. You can find various horrible enemies like demons, monsters, vampires, and zombies. Your player, the story’s hero, has to slash all the enemies with a powerful sword and unique magical powers. 

About Undead Slayer Mod APK

Undead Slayer Mod APK, an immersive 3D game, is a beautiful depiction of the story of a Chinese angel slayer. Long ago, a warrior called Jin was born in the family of a master swordsman. The master trained his boy and handed over the deep secrets of martial arts to fight against the demons. One day, the father died in a battle against the undead. The warrior vowed to fight against the army of monsters and kill their leader Madara Uchiha.

An interesting character, the hero’s brother, guides him on every stage. He’s on a deathbed. He wants to see his brother as a master swordsman as soon as possible. The brother gives tips and inside information about the opponents. So, the player can upgrade or replace the arm according to the intensity of the war. Follow the teaching of father and brother, and get critical training to defeat the leader of the dark world.

It’s a battle of evil and good. The warrior has to fight against zillions of foes to bring peace to the world. In the world of darkness, you have to control the hero and swing the sword and mystical weapons. Upgrade the power of your weapons as the battleground is overcrowded with monsters. Prepare for consecutive deadly attacks. Eliminate the destruction of swarms of aliens and witness the flashback of medieval China. 

In Undead Slayer Mod APK, you can play either story mode or extreme mode. Each has unique plots and challenges. You’ve to encounter multiple deadly minions and bosses in 90 missions. The game has artistic graphics along with charmful music. Multiple deadly weapons, imperishable armors, and some supernatural stones make the warrior invincible. So, prepare for the final battle to take revenge on the father.

Benefits of Undead Slayer Mod APK

  • A thrilling experience of a sword master
  • Interactive gameplay and heart-touching story
  • Entertaining sword swinging, running, and defense modes
  • Variety of lethal weapons, golden armor, and unique skills
  • Convenient interface and smooth control
  • Interesting primitive maps of the world
  • High-quality 3D graphics and sharp colors

What’s New in Mod Version?

1. Unlimited Gems

In Undead Slayer Extreme Mod APK, the player fights against zillions of monsters. That’s why he needs a few dominant skills during the fight. In the new Modded version, you’ll get unlimited gems or rocks to buy exclusive skills and will train the swordsman accordingly. You can unlock different battle levels in advance. 

2. Unlimited Gold

Undead Slayer 1 Mod APK offers unlimited gold or coins for free shopping. Improve the hitting accuracy, Increase endurance to withstand knockdown attacks, and get powers to know the player’s weakness to strengthen your player. In the modified mobile app, you’ll get free unlimited stamina to conquer the mysterious world.

3. Free Shopping

In the Undead Slayer late version, you’ll get a chance of free shopping. Unlock all weapons of your choice. Pick a master swordsman’s armor to unlock the unbeatable capabilities of the hero. Buy magical rocks to increase your running speed, and get extraordinary strength. Throw away the old blade and equip it with a new one to perish your opponents.

4. Unlock All Weapons

In the free Mod game, you’re free to unlock all weapons. The 10 most awaited warrior blades are; Devilish, Dragon, Catapult, Barbs, Destiny, Runed Sword, Deliverer, Royal Sword, Rune Sword, and Guardian Sword. Each blade has unique power and damage capability. Choose the best one according to the intensity of the fight and challenges.

5. No Pop-up Ads

The most admired property of Undead Slayer Mod APK is no pop-up ads. The game doesn’t allow annoying ads during the battle when playing online. Contrary to the Mod app, the Undead Slayer APK displays unwanted ads after every single minute. It causes acute anger and breaks the tempo of users. Hence, the modded version has mileage over the official game.

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How to Download and Install?

If you want to install the Undead Slayer Mod APK safely, follow these guidelines:

  1. Uninstall the old version or MOD version if available
  2. Click the download button given below
  3. Enable “Unknown Source” without any problem
  4. Now find APK and click install to start the installation
  5. After completion of the installation process, click on the icon and enjoy

Undead Slayer Mod APK Features

Dramatic Story of Angel Slayer

Undead Slayer Mod APK, the story of Angel Slayer, has addictive gameplay. The graphics reveal the backdrop of the battle of the middle ages. An unknown swordsman heads off on a journey to conquer the dark world in the game. He’s carrying a long secret sword and several melee weapons to slash the heads of ruthless titans. Moreover, replacing blades, upgrading powers and skills, and wearing armor help the hero to win the terrible war.

Exciting Revengeful Action Game

In Undead Slayer APK, you’ve to assist the swordsman in taking his father’s revenge. Travel around the whole Chinese region, clear 90+ missions to reach the main target. The whole journey is full of blood and terror. You’ve to cross the vast deserts, mighty mountains, and threatening harbors to find the murderer of the old swordsman. 6 levels have unique bosses with a particular army of thugs. So, prepare your warrior accordingly.

Very Easy and Smooth Control

Unlike Undead Slayer Old Version Mod APK, the new version has easy and smooth control. The interface is 100% user-friendly. Follow this guide to play the game.

  1. Touch the spot where you want to move the character
  2. The character will automatically kill the enemies who come in the way
  3. Double touch offers evasive rolling in the particular direction
  4. To kill multiple enemies, long press until the power gauge is full
  5. Touch screen to aim the particular supernatural power

Medieval Sword and Armor Collection

You can’t enjoy modern arms in the middle age warzone. However, you’ll enjoy the thrilling experience of using Medieval swords to counter enemies. There’s a classic collection of blades. Even the most lethal Guardian Sword is available. 10 different high-value armors are available to protect from fierce attacks. Armors of several avatars are Aegis, Samurai, Karate, Officer, Yaksa, Ritual, Fisherman, Pirate, Summoner, and Gentleman.

Learn New Skills To Defeat the Undead

The difficulty level increases with every passing mission. You’ve to enroll in effective training to learn new skills. These skills will help increase the player’s energy, stamina, defense, and attack power. You can shout from the ground to attack the enemies. Summon your supernatural allies like Zhou Yu (the legendary dragon), Diaochan (the legendary animals), and Zhang Jue (the necromancer). Use poison clouds and teleport attacks to kill the foes.

Various Thrilling Missions and Gaming Modes

The game offers 2 modes: Story Mode and Extreme Mode. In Story mode, you must clear over 90+ assignments to kill your opponent and conquer the whole world map. The missions are designed in different episodes. You’ve to unlock the map and earn handsome rewards and medals. In Extreme Mode, there are 6 levels with 8 unique stages. Each stage has a mammoth heartless monster. You’ve to kill the monster to win the fight.

Acquire Treasure and Medals on Victory

In Undead Slayer APK offline mode, crush your enemies and acquire treasure and medals. The medals will help to unlock different levels of missions. At the same time, the treasure helps to buy weaponry, armor, accessories, and secret keys of the treasure box. There are 76 medals; you need only 50 to become a captain. Surprisingly, you can play the game in solo and multiplayer modes. Make a group with your friends and start your quest to solve mysteries.

Immersive Graphics and Music

Undead Slayer, RPG fighting action, is a new martial arts and samurai combat format. The shape and movements of tiny characters are pragmatic. Deadly scenes and the assassination of the foes are astonishing. The colors of certain combo circles and signals of threat are noticeable. The antique Chinese samurai dress and melee arms are in the field. Overall, the graphics are interesting. Lastly, the music is so impressive that it makes you an addict.

System Requirements

With plenty of heavy modes, Angel Slayer Mod APK has very smooth gameplay. It doesn’t need much space to install. You need a mobile device with a minimum 1Gb RAM. You can play it on Android 4.0 and up. The game is appreciated globally and has a 100K fan following. Because of cartoony characters and charming battles, it’s famous among youngsters.

Additional Information

  1. Ask allies to join the fight to crush enemies
  2. Tour of medieval china
  3. Include anti-ban feature
  4. Latest free mod version

Pros and Cons


  • Unlock All premium features of APK
  • Unlock all heroes at once
  • Amazing self-learning theme
  • Bugs and glitches removed
  • No root is required to install the app


  • Auto-update is not available


What is Undead Slayer Mod APK?

It’s a modified version of the original app. The developer has unlocked all the premium features to enjoy the exciting journey of killing enemies.

Is It Safe to Use Mod APK?

Yes, It’s 100% safe to use Mod APK. We always provide authentic apps and games to our users. Each app is processed through anti-virus software to remove harmful glitches.

Is Undead Slayer Mod APK Available on Google Play?

No, It’s a modded app of the official game. So, it’s not available on Google Play. It’s easy to download the latest version of Undead Slayer Mod APK from our website.

How to Get Unlimited Jade and Gold in Undead Slayer Mod APK?

In the original version, the users could only open the premium features if they paid real money. But, in our new Mod APK, you can get unlimited jade and gold coins. So, click on the download button to get your favorite game now. 


We tried to explain all aspects of Undead Slayer Mod APK. It’s a powerful action game with amazing entertainment features. Enjoy the warrior’s unique powers, quick attack speed, ultra-defense tactics, and special moves, which make the game hypnotic. The elegance of graphics and control express the dedication of Arcadianos Juegos. Getting new skills and upgrading shiny blades is next-level fun. 

Undead Slayer Mod APK delivers a great experience of the lifestyle of middle age. Explore the map of medieval China and witness the deadly fights of unbeatable samurai. Kill the wicked monsters and earn rewards and medals. The game content is rated for 16+ and downloaded by more than 100 million fans. So, get ready to become a master swordsman.

Undead Slayer 2 Mod APK is ready to release. You’ll get new maps with unique challenges. Moreover, the characters have more customization flexibilities. A new list of weapons and avatars is awaiting you. After completing Undead Slayer 1, you must try the next level for great amusement. Soon, we’ll upload its review.

Click here to download the latest version of the Undead Slayer Mod APK Android app.

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