Sword Hunter Mod APK v1.3.3 (Unlimited, Free Rewards) For Android

sword Hunter mod apk
App NameSword Hunter
DeveloperPotato Play
Latest Version1.3.4
Mod InfoFree Rewards
Supported ByAndroid 5.0+


Do you want to save the troubled city with the power of your sword? Fret not! Sword Hunter Mod APK, the best action game, offers an excellent opportunity to be a fame hunter. The game is about a mystery girl, a katana warrior, fighting against well-organized gangs and thugs. The player encounters many challenges in different missions. Use lethal weapons to kill all the criminals. Overall, the game offers a great experience of entertainment and fun

About Sword Hunter Mod APK

Sword Hunter Mod APK, a unique fighting game, provides a thrilling journey of crushing evil thugs. You’ve to give the female warrior a leg up in wielding a katana precisely. Equip the player with a unique set of equipment. Get extra skills to increase the power. Level up your rank to unlock more tools. It’s time to show the real action. Click start to enter into the actual battle.

Moreover, there are multiple chapters in this game. Each has 10 to 15 stages of fighting. Learn the powerful combos to kill maximum enemies in a single attack. Use the guide’s advice to maintain health and energy levels (Meow). In the final stage of each mission, you have to take the bull by the horns and confront the brutal villain. So, don’t use the ultimate move in the initial stages.

The game has quite addictive gameplay and a user-friendly interface. You can control the player’s movements by swapping a finger on the screen. The deadly attacks of the sword and magical powers are controlled by tapping the right hand. The graphics are simple and eye-catching. The jazzy music and cool sound effects add more fun.

Benefits of Sword Hunter Mod APK

  1. Unlock all the features for free
  2. Unlock all premium swords for free
  3. Fantastic gameplay with unlimited suspense
  4. Learning critical fighting skills to defeat gangs
  5. Easy to play even if you are a newbie
  6. Pop-up ads are permanently removed
  7. Super-cool graphics and music
  8. Bugs are fixed for Android 10 and up

What’s New in Mod APK Version?

Shadow Hunter Mod APK, a pretty legit game, is a modified version of the official version. The game is developed by Potato Play. The Mod app has many exclusive features to spice up the fight. Some of the essential features are given below.

Unlimited Money and Gems

Sword Hunter Mod APK provides unlimited free money and gems. You can buy a stylish avatar of the warrior, modern equipment and tools, and upgrade the level using money. Furthermore, gems are used to buy health and increase the player’s intensity. These features enable you to fight fearlessly. Now, it’s time to hunt the cruel thugs and make the city evil free.

Free Rewards

In Sword Hunter, you’ll get unlimited free rewards in each battle. Once you complete a mission without being assassinated, you’ll get a valuable reward. It’ll help to unlock magical features like a sword, chest, ornament, and safety gear. The game offers refreshing updates during the fight. Use these power boosters to improve the player’s health.

Unlock Everything

Using Mod APK, you can unlock everything you want. This valuable feature helps you to complete all missions in less time. Also, You don’t need to spend a single penny to unlock the premium feature. The main objective is to get the ultimate powers and long-lasting skills. So, batten down to defeat your enemies and become an invincible warrior.

Unique Locations

 In Sword Hunter’s new version, there are more than 180 matches. Each has a unique location and many challenges. Therefore, you’ll not get bored. You’ve to visit the area of all the gangsters and kill all the bad guys using your blade. Crush the boxes coming your way and collect the gold coins and other lifelines. 

No Pop-up Ads

Ads create a massive distraction while playing games. You’ll not see any single ad in Sword Hunter Mod APK since the developer (Potato Play) has added a unique code to remove the annoying ads during the match. Due to such a valuable feature, more than 1 million fans have given a 4.4 rating. 

How to Download and Install?

  1. Uninstall the old version or MOD version if available
  2. Click the download button given below
  3. Enable “Unknown Source” without any problem
  4. Now find APK and click install to start the installation
  5. After completion of the installation process, click on the icon and enjoy 

Sword Hunter Mod APK Features

Be Ready to Become a Fame Hunter

Sword Hunter Mod APK, an addictive game, has a plot of a territory controlled by gangsters. The drug and warlords are getting more powerful. You’ve to eradicate this unholy network and make the city peaceful. Sally, the mystery girl, is working on the same purpose. It’s the best time to help her to catch a big fish. 

Slash Countless Thugs and Gangs 

Thousands of hardcore criminals control the city. There is a bounty on the head of numerous warlords. Some of the most wanted criminals are Lord Golhair, Lord Redhead, Rukuro, and Kuro. Equip the player with a lethal weapon. Choose a unique armor for safety. Get a booster dose to enhance the intensity and power of the player. Dive into the ocean of warmongers. During the battle, you must use your sixth sense more than your reflexes.

Multiple Challenging Missions and Stages

There are 18 missions in Sword Hunter Mod APK. Each mission has 10 difficult stages. You’ve to pass through the different sectors of the city and kill the insane murderers. The enemies have unbelievable powers and thousands of followers. Select the best weapons and tools to kill a zillion mooks running at you. Pick your weapon to assist the heroine. Swing your blade to earn both the reward and the honor.

Select A Unique Avatar of Your Hero

The avatar is a sign of courage. The game has 7 magnificent premium avatars to give an exclusive appearance to the player. If you defeat your enemy, you’ll unlock these avatars gradually. School, Demon, Gao, Campus, Summer, Elite Peacemaker, and Christmas are the unique avatars with invincible powers. Using these, you can encounter any upcoming ruthless gangster. So, pick the costume of your choice and gear up for the battle.

Various Magical Weapons and Gears

The upgraded version of Sword Hunter Mod APK offers various magical weapons and gears to increase the warrior’s power. You can use these weapons as per the situation in the fight. Use combo mode to execute multiple actions and crush zillions of criminals at once. A safety helmet, sailor suit, and roller skating shoes are essential to avoid losing energy and life.

The best weapons of the warrior are:

  1. Agony hat: Source of power
  2. Musha Garments: Cloth material offers more power in combat
  3. Rosefinch: Item of mysterious destroyed organization
  4. Moon Ring: Contains the power of the dark moon
  5. Light: Boosting the power of fellows’ light in instant meekness
  6. Energy Warboots: Made of new technology, but the energy provided isn’t stable, though

Increase Intensity and Upgrade the Level

Use gems and coins to increase the intensity of the mystery girl. Spend gold coins to enhance the player’s level. It will unlock much premium equipment and give more power to the heroine. It is compulsory to maintain your health to fight actively. For that reason, follow the cat’s advice (the guide). 

In this mobile game, you can’t win a battle without learning the art of fighting. You have to pass the training in Japanese martial arts like a Samurai. You must acquire the following skills to bring your enemy to his knees: blade clone, self-healing, maniac slash, holy shield, giant blade, enhanced lightning, sword storm, moon slash, drain soul, sword rain, madness, and holy slash.

Exciting graphics and gameplay

Sword Hunter Mod APK, a fast-paced tactical game, has sharp graphics and super-fun gameplay. The colorful avatar and detailed background provide a thrilling experience to users. The music is so inspiring you can’t skip any moment of the match. The simple control panel and the elegant interface offer a great user experience. The game is the best time killer and entertaining altogether.

System Requirements

Sword Hunter Mod APK has a simple interface. So, you do not need an extraordinary mobile device to play this game. Your device should have a minimum of 1GB RAM. You can play it in Android 5.0 and higher versions. Although it’s quite easy to install, you must go through the installation guideline to avoid any problem.

Additional Information

  1. Merge multiple skills to create a combo
  2. Unlock the talent section to get unique moves
  3. Full customization of the warrior

Pros and Cons


  • Free shopping and free purchase of items
  • Get everything unlocked
  • Compatible with all android devices (5.0 up)
  • Prepare before the final fight


  • The landscape version is not available
  • More work needed to improve the power control


Is Sword Hunter Mod APK Free?

Sword hunter is a fun, addictive action game. You can download it from our website for free.

How to Download Sword Hunter APK?

Click on the download button given below the last paragraph. Wait for a second, and you will get the required app.

Is Sword Hunter Mod APK Safe to Download?

Our website has AI anti-malware software to remove the virus and harmful cache. You can download it without any problem.

How Can You Get Unlimited Money in Sword Hunter APK?

You can get unlimited money by downloading the modified version of Sword Hunter from our website. So, click on the download button to get the required game.


Sword Hunter Mod APK, the game of quick reflexes, is one of the most desired android apps. In this game, you are the only savior of the stressful city. Use Katana to learn fighting skills. Get the necessary equipment and energy boosters to maximize the power. Prepare a versatile strategy to complete the tremendous chapters one by one. Kill the bosses of gangsters and become a fame hunter!

Click here to download the latest version of the Sword Hunter Mod APK android app.

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