Super Bear Adventure Mod APK v10.1.4 (Unlimited Money and Health)

App NameSuper Bear Adventure
Size118 MB
Latest Version10.1.4
Mod InfoUnlocked, No ADS
Supported ByAndroid 4.4+


Are you looking for an old-fashioned adventurous game to amuse yourself? Don’t worry! Super Bear Adventure Mod APK, inspired by 90’s games, is the most adventurous game in the given genre. It makes you think of old video games. The game is fiction about a super bear who managed to save his life during the attack of the Bee dynasty. Super bear, the hero, sets on a mission to release his fellow bears after clearing the challenging tasks and assignments.

About Super Bear Adventure Mod APK

Super Bear Adventure APK, a 3D platformer, is a sequel to the terrible attack of the Bee dynasty. In this vengeful story, the hero bear will face mighty bosses. The main objectives are solving various puzzles, collecting gold coins and stickers, and liberating fellow bears. The game has 6 levels with a minimum of 8 stages in each. You’ll search different locations to meet the troubled friends and make a strategy to destroy the cruel enemies.

Story of the Super Bear

For centuries, there existed a kingdom where different creatures lived in peace under the rule of the bee dynasty. Queen Beeatrice, the bee queen, was a beloved ruler. She’s fair and appreciated by all. The balance between all creatures was perfect until the bees started producing a different kind of honey in the hive. Shortly after, this new flavor and this purple color were beloved by everyone. 

Unfortunately, creatures that consumed it soon began to turn crazy and attack their friends like mindless animals. Nobody knows why the bees started to wreak havoc upon their kingdom, and its inhabitants were too weak to fight back. Before long, the bees realized that bears were mysteriously unaffected by the purple honey. This resistance caused their loss: the bees raided the bear village and imprisoned 50 bears to prevent revolt.

Luckily, one bear managed to avoid the attack. But now, the fate of the people is on his shoulders. The world needs a hero. Someone to restore the balance, someone to end this purple doom. Shicka, a guide, is waiting to assist the hero in freeing the detained companions from the kingdom.

Benefits of Super Bear Adventure Mod APK

  1. Full of exciting puzzles and quests
  2. Simple and easy interface
  3. Challenging missions and stages
  4. Use premium features for free
  5. Easy to kill powerful bosses
  6. Favorite game of both kids and adults
  7. Simple 3D graphics and relaxing music

What’s New In Mod Version

Unlimited Money 

The updated version of Super Bear Mod APK offers unlimited money to complete tedious missions quickly. It helps you to save time and reach the maximum level to beat the queen of the bee dynasty. Unlock the premium element to customize the Super Bear and get more power. You can’t get unlimited money to buy exclusive items in the original game. 

Unlimited Health

The player needs endless energy to run, fight, and perform numerous tasks. Therefore, you need unlimited health to fulfill energy requirements. The Mod app provides unlimited health to carry your expedition and face the monsters of Turltetown and Snow Valley. However, in the official game, you must pay to unlock the health feature. Initially, you’ll get 3 lifelines to commence the dangerous gameplay.

Unlock All Skins

In the new version, you can customize your character to look magnificent. Multiple skins, and specific magical powers, are available in the game. In the free Mod version for mobile, you can try all skins without paying a single penny. More than 15 multicolor styles are used to adopt avatars like a polar bear, desert bear, pink bear, sack bear, golden/black bear, rainbow bear, panda, and many more. Use these skin to simplify your journey.

No Ads

Usually, adventure games have never-ending ads because of the enormous fan base. The latest Super Bear Adventure Mod APK, with 50 million followers, doesn’t show pop-up ads during the intense fight. However, watching ads in Super Bear APK can get free coins and stickers. This characteristic is an excellent source of joyful feelings as the users can spend their spare time assisting the hero.

How to Download and Install?

If you want to install the Super Bear Adventure Mod APK safely, follow these guidelines:

  1. Uninstall the old version or MOD version if available
  2. Click the download button given below
  3. Enable “Unknown Source” without any problem
  4. Now find APK and click install to start the installation
  5. After completion of the installation process, click on the icon and enjoy

Super Bear Adventure Mod APK Features

Team up with Free Friends Bear

After arduous training, the Super Bear enters Turtletown and meets with Shicka, the guide. Shicka offers the hero to forget the past and team up for a more significant cause. They’re a perfect combination as one is intelligent, and the other is powerful. The game has a solo-player quest mode. But you can play it with your friends in Co-op mode. So, gather your community to save the detainees. 

Comprehensive Bear Customization Shop

Super Bear Mod APK, a beautiful landscape, has a vast items shop. You can customize your bear with a colorful face, body shape, and body colors. More than 50 faces are available to modify the identity of the hero. You can pick a muscular, fatty, or chocolate body out of 21 body shapes to look impressive. There’re 15 unique body colors identical to a polar bear, desert bear, pink bear, and panda. Free purchase of new items using gold coins.

Multiple Adventurous Maps and Locations

The game has endless areas with unique maps. You’ll face numerous mammoth demons of the Bee dynasty. The shiny swaps with the extended tip will try to stop you from collecting money and dealing with the companions. The artistic background of the maps is enough to make you an addict. You’ll pass through 8 locations like snow valley, Beetown, Beemothep Desert, and Turtletown in the kingdom. Shicka, the backpacker, knows every single inhabitant of the dark valley.

Convenient Interface and Easy Control Panel

Super Bear Adventure Mod APK, Supercool and entertaining, has a convenient interface and smooth control panel. Even a 6 year old kid can clear the tasks. You can play the whole gameplay using just 3 buttons. You can use the joystick on the left side to move your character. On the right side, there are 2 buttons. One for jumping and the other for multipurpose. Here’s the complete guide to how to play the Super Bear Adventure.

  1. Button A: Use for jump
  2. Button B: Use for
    • Attack when you are on the ground
    • Diving and swimming under the water
    • Grab or release particular objects
    • Crouch and belly stomp
  3. B+A: Combo for long jump 

Supercool Graphics and Rhyming Music

The game has intuitive 3D graphics designed with a keen interest according to the user’s expectations. Beautiful flowery landscape, hypnotic hive and snow maps, and the gruesome look of the enemies are excellent. The realistic camera angles and lively creatures make the game more interactive. You’ll enjoy using cartoony elements for the customization of the Super Bear. Music is relatively slow and relaxing to immerse you into the bee kingdom.

System Requirements

Super Bear Adventure Mod APK, suspenseful, is a fight between good and evil. It’s simple graphics with an optimized interface. That’s why you only require a little space to install the game. It’s 84.12 MB so you can use it on a device with a minimum of 1GB RAM. The game has quick execution in Android 4.4 and above versions.

Additional Information

  1. Mod menu unlocked
  2. Free shopping options are available
  3. A new death screen introduced
  4. Exclusive cosmetic items added

Pros and Cons


  • Free latest Mod version
  • Enhanced running speed
  • Unlock all premium features
  • Use of God Mod
  • All bugs fixes
  • No root required


  • Beeatrice is unbeatable
  • Costumes are costly
  • No checkpoint between the stages


Is Super Bear Adventure Mod APK Free?

Yes, you can use Super Bear free of cost. All the exclusive features are unlocked. Just download and complete different daring assignments.

Is Super Bear Adventure Mod APK Safe to Use?

Yes, the Mod version of Super Bear Adventure is 100% safe. This app is passed through advanced anti-virus malware software to rectify harmful bugs. So, click on the download button and download it right now.

Who Created Super Bear Adventure?

Super Bear Adventure, a masterpiece, is created by a well-known company Earthkwak Games.

Can you play multiplayer in Super Bear Adventure?

It’s a single-player game for Android users. But if you use Co-op mode, you can find a way to team up with your friends. In co-op mode, a maximum of 4 players can start the quest.

Can you fight the bear among trees?

No, it’s not possible to eliminate bears among trees. Use stealth to disappear and secretly walk around. Use huddles and camouflage in tall bushes. The bears take care of amazing salvageable stuff.

How many bears are in Super Bear Adventure?

In Super Bear, there’re 8 bears on each level. You can unlock every single stage after beating the ruthless bee boss. You can check the gold time and critical features of all bears.             

Is Super Bear Adventure on Nintendo Switch?

Earthkwak developers team has decided to launch the Super Bear on Nintendo Switch. Soon, they’ll release the Nintendo Switch version.


We anticipate you getting all the information for your queries. Super Bear Adventure Mod APK is a modded version of the actual game. It’s unlocked with all advanced features to spice up the adventurous story. Collect coins and stickers to get power skins and other accessories. Use action buttons to dodge the enemy attack. Follow Shicka’s instructions, declassify hidden secrets of the kingdom, and execute a horrible attack on the mad bosses.

Click here to download the latest version of the Super Bear Adventure Mod APK Android app.

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