Real Moto Mod APK v1.1.118 (Unlimited Money, Oil)

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App NameReal Moto
DeveloperDreamplay Games
Latest Version1.1.118
Mod InfoUnlimited Money
Supported ByAndroid 4.4+


Have you ever dreamt of a moto rider? Have you ever ridden a real moto bike? If not, don’t worry. You are going to experience real-time motorcycle racing in Real Moto Mod APK. It’s a fantastic bike-driving game with many famous international racing tracks. A unique collection of moto bikes and exciting customization of characters provide unlimited fun. Maintain the tires and engine oil to participate in thrilling online world record competitions to win the title.

About Real Moto Mod APK

Real Moto Mod APK, the most popular, is a well-designed motorcycle racing game. It’s a modified version of Real Moto APK, available on Google Play Store. Because of its simple gameplay and user-friendly interface, it’s more than 10 million followers. There are multiple intense race maps and competitions. Select the best heavy bike before entering into the challenging mission. Use advanced tools for maintenance.

Assist your player in riding across challenging tracks and international campaigns. Learn Pro riding to defeat the opponents. Push the accelerator to overtake AI bots on curvy roads. Explore 6 tracks of the offline mode and train your player to learn in-depth driving. Moreover, use coins and oil currency to buy new tires and engine oil. Unlock the new moto bike to clear the max levels. 

Almost 11 expensive bikes are available. It’s interesting to customize your bike with beautiful colors. There are 10 players in each race, and you have to enhance your driving skills to win 1st position. Dress up your rider with various beautiful costumes and use sturdy helmets to reduce the impact of a crash. Don’t use the brakes during intense bike moto racing to avoid crashing. It’s compulsory to upgrade your bike and equip it with advanced gadgets.

Benefits of Real Moto Mod APK

  1. Realistic motorbike racing experience
  2. More than 150 challenging maps
  3. Unlock all premium features
  4. Fully customize the rider and his bike
  5. Improved 3D graphics
  6. 3 different gaming modes
  7. Extra stability and control added
  8. New bikes and routes added
  9. Minor bugs and errors fixes
  10. Google Play leaderboard achievements

What’s New in Mod Version?

Unlimited Money

In the updated Real Moto Mod APK, you’ll get unlimited money or coins to buy premium accessories and products. Unlock the top 10 motorbikes and experience an entertaining ride. Improve engine oil and tire condition using gold coins. Conversely, Real Moto APK, the official version, doesn’t allow unlimited money. You’ve to win multiple confusing races. 

Unlimited Oil

Another genuine feature is the engine condition gets worse after every competition. To increase the mileage and speed of the bike, you’ve to buy oil. In the original game, you can buy oil with gold coins. However, you’ll get unlimited oil during the match in the Mod app. Therefore, in each campaign, upgrade the engine oil of your bike to beat the opponents.

Unlimited Helmets

The helmet is compulsory to ride safely. The game offers a variety of moto helmets with fantastic styles and colors. Each helmet has specific damage control characteristics and built-in quality. In Real Moto Mod APK for mobile, you can unlock unlimited helmets. In offline mode, if you run out of helmets, you’ll not play the game. Hence, collect as many helmets as possible for smooth racing.

Unlock Max Level

In the new version of Real Moto Mod APK, unlock 1000+ events in career mode at once. It’s the best way to save time to reach the max level. Enter into any route of different countries and show your racing skills. Be vigilant and try to stay on the road during the competition. If you lose control, your bike will slip away from the road, and speed will reduce eventually. 

No Pop-up Ads

In the latest version of Moto Racing Mod APk, you can enjoy the gameplay without watching any pop-up ads. The developers of Dreamplay Games have added a new script to stop the advertisements during the race. Although, in Real Moto APK, you could face endless advertising. Give a try Modded game to experience the exciting sport.

How to Download and Install?

If you want to install the Real Moto Mod APK safely, follow these guidelines:

  1. Uninstall the old version or MOD version if available
  2. Click the download button given below
  3. Enable “Unknown Source” without any problem
  4. Now find APK and click install to start the installation
  5. After completion of the installation process, click on the icon and enjoy

Real Moto Mod APK Features

Thrilling Moto Racing Experience

The Real Moto presents a series of thrilling moto races. The gameplay is well-designed, and it takes hard work to beat the AI players. Get professional training and participate in international competitions. You’ll enjoy the executive and competitive matches. Using the auto-driving mode, you can adjust the accelerator and steering sensitivity. You can track the opponents using a tiny map. Moreover, different weather conditions help to polish your skills.

Smooth Control and User-Friendly Interface

Real Bike Racing Mod APK, a bike driving simulation, has multiple controls with different buttons and motion sensors. You can select control of your choice to play the game. Furthermore, the game has an impressive interface with minute details. You can use brakes to reduce speed, tilt the mobile to turn left and right and stabilize the turning effect on corners. A stylish speedometer helps you to control the speed of the bike. Overall, the dashboard is entirely interactive.

Easy to Customize and Maintain Bikes

During the journey, players can experience 11 expensive sports bikes. Each has a unique design, speed range, torque, and braking system. Initially, you’ll get a Yokoma 125cc scooter to clear the primary mission and grasp professional driving skills. Once you clear a level, you’ll unlock the next heavy bike. Furthermore, you can customize your motorcycle to give it a unique sporty look. Replace various elements and upgrade the functions using the maintenance button. 

Unique Collection of Moto Bikes

Real Moto Mod APK, fun racing, has a wide range of fascinating heavy bikes. You can unlock the top brand four-cylinder bikes like Luz Z1000RR, Yokohama YKZ-R1000, and Guraski Musa Z2. You can ride up to the speed of 162 MPH. Initially, it takes a lot of work to unlock a heavy bike. You must win multiple tracks and collect the money to buy your dream ride. More interestingly, you can change each model’s color and technical specifications as per your desire. 

Variety of Colorful Helmets and Costumes

In the garage, you can find a vast collection of colorful helmets and costumes for the player. There are more than 30 suits in the shop. To distinguish from other players, match the clothes and hats with your motorcycle. Yokoma, Redhon, and Feyado are the top sports clothing brands in the game. More than 35 dot-approved helmets are available in various international events. Buy a proper uniform to reduce the fear of damage.

Worldwide Racing Campaigns and Challenges

The player has to clear the most challenging tracks of different countries to become a world champion. In offline mode, the player has to win 6 missions, each with 8 different locations and maps. To make a career, you must use a top-ranking high-speed motorcycle. You can participate in the online world championship to rank on the leaderboard.

Real-Time Offline and Online Competitions

Moto APK has two gaming modes; online and offline mode. In offline matches, it offers a challenging racing experience to Android users. You can participate in actual global matches and beat international players in online mode. Although online mode needs Pro driving, rewards and perks are higher than standard matches. The player will get a chance to travel to 16 different countries and more than 1000 tracks to be the world champion.

Magnificent 3D Graphics

Real Moto has immersive 3D graphics. Colors and finishing of elements make the game more interesting. HD maps and weather conditions look realistic. Braking fumes and different elements of the track are worth seeing. You can choose the camera recording position and maintain the quality of graphics in settings. The music draws you into the racing world.

System Requirements

Usually, racing games have bulky file sizes and need massive space on mobile devices. However, the Real Moto Mod APK has a 135 MB file size. To install this app, you must have a minimum of 1GB RAM. It even supports Android 4.4 and above versions. Due to extra features, the developer’s team is globally admired.

Additional Information

  1. Unlock all tracks
  2. Supports 13 languages
  3. 3 different gaming modes

Pros and Cons


  • The live experience of heavy bike racing
  • 3 different gaming modes (Singles, Championship, and Time Attack)
  • Stunning graphics and actual physics
  • Full customization of bikes and characters
  • Chance to become a world champion
  • Online and offline missions
  • Artistic tracks and motorbikes
  • Free shopping for everything


  • AI players are more robust
  • No chatting option is available


What is the Real Moto Mod APK?

Real Moto Mod APK is the modified version of the original game. It unlocked all premium features like coins, diamonds, oils, etc. The users don’t require to pay for it. 

Is It Free To Download Real Moto MOD APK?

Yes, it’s 100% free to download the Mod APK game from our website. You can unlock all exclusive features without paying a single penny. Press the download button to get the Mod file.

How to Play Real Moto MOD APK offline or anytime?

You can play the game offline if you don’t have an internet connection. When you start the game, you will ask for an online game. Defer the online option and start playing the offline mode.

Is It Safe to Use the Real Moto MOD APK?

Yes, it’s 100% safe to use the Real Moto Mod APK on mobile devices. The game is free of viruses and malware. To avoid any problems, download the game from our website for free. 

Is Real Moto Mod APK Available on Google Play?

No, it’s a modded version of the actual app. So, Real Moto Mod APK is not available on Google Play. You can get it from our website in one click.


We tried to explain all the ins and outs of Real Moto Mod APK. I hope you find all the answers to your queries. It’s a super fun motorcycle racing game with plenty of unique features. Super motorbikes help you to break the world record. Moreover, the biking costumes, helmets, and tools improve your riding experience on challenging tracks. Go to the workshop and pick a winning vehicle. Upgrade and customize the functions to beat the opponents and win the world champion title.

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