Extra Lives Mod APK v1.14 – Zombies Survival Sim For Android (Unlocked)

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App NameExtra Lives
Latest Version1.14
Mod InfoUnlimited Money
Supported ByAndroid 4.4+


Do you ever wish to save the world from a deathful calamity like the Zombies virus? We’ve witnessed the wrath of such disasters in multiple movies. The infection spread like a fire and engulfed the whole world in the darkness. More than 50 percent of humans lost their senses and started eating and killing normal ones. As death is everywhere, people start hiding in bunkers and secret vaults to save their lives.

Extra Lives Mod APK, a zombie survival sim, offers to witness the terror of such an apocalypse. The realistic graphics of the game helps you to make your wish come true. You must perform different tasks and assignments to protect humans from insane creatures. Customize with powerful suits, equip with magical weapons, and upgrade your character to become the world’s savior.

About Extra Lives Mod APK

Extra Lives Mod APK, deadly role-playing, offers a crazy concept of killing vampires and mad animals. The idea is to survive among the ghostlike creatures and ruthless humans. You’ll be traveling in 50 different locations to kill your enemies. Find food and meat to get more stamina and restore your energy. The game offers powerful AI opponents with unique appearances and powers. You can team up with friendly factions and fight against the heartless characters.

The best part is you can heal the infected people with the help of different masters. Restore your health using yoga posture. Please avoid the animals and birds, as they are thirsty for your blood. Earn points, money, and rewards by clearing multiple levels and killing the mad bosses. Use more than 200 magnificent characters according to the challenges of the story. Get ready to dive into the different breathtaking gaming modes of Extra Lives APK.

Benefits of Extra Lives Mod APK

  1. A variety of challenging maps and missions
  2. Insane fights against mindless zombies and ruthless humans
  3. Get all the premium features for free
  4. Excellent source for learning survival tactics
  5. Dealing with different creatures
  6. Healing the terrible ghosts
  7. Easy to play and complete the missions
  8. Enhanced graphics and twists in the stories

What’s New in Mod Version?

Unlimited Money

Mickie Extra Lives Mod APK offers free unlimited money to buy exclusive features and accessories. Purchasing modern tools to kill your enemies without any loss is compulsory. Unlock new suits and avatars to enjoy the game at its peak. You can’t get unlimited money for free shopping in the original mobile game.

Unlimited Health

Health is equally important to the money to carry out death-dealing missions. This game needs endless courage and health to kill the violent vampires. Learn the art of strategic attack to defeat enemies without compromising their health. Eat food items to save energy and recover your health. The hero took 5 minutes to die after a lethal attack. But the Mod version of the game allows unlimited health to fight courageously to the last breath.

Free Unlocked Version

In the Extra Lives unlocked version, the player can enjoy all the exclusive benefits for free. Unlock various locations, upgrade tools and melee weapons, and unlock the higher levels. In Extra Lives APK, you’ve to pay 260 for VIP access, whereas the new Mod versions offer free premium access. Therefore, you can avoid the game because of overpricing.

Free Offline Mode

Interestingly, you can play all missions without using WiFi or the internet. You can ignore the paid version and play the free app. Use different objects to deal with the wandering zombies. Enter into new stories using numerous maps. Search for valuable items to gain maximum strengths. Convert into the master to purify the souls and save humanity.

Free of Pop-up Ads

Playing an adventure game without ads is like a dream for android gamers. The player got stuck in an intense fight during a 30 seconds ad. Therefore, the developers have blocked the pop-up ads from playing without lagging. Use the ultimate features to get all enemies to their knees.

How to Download and Install?

If you want to install the Extra Lives Mod APK safely, follow these guidelines:

  1. Uninstall the old version or MOD version if available
  2. Click the download button given below
  3. Enable “Unknown Source” without any problem
  4. Now find APK and click install to start the installation
  5. After completion of the installation process, click on the icon and enjoy

Extra Lives Mod APK Features

Crazy Murderous and Survival Gameplay

The Extra Lives Mod APK, full of actions and tragedies, has thrilling survival gameplay to fight for humankind. It involves horrible scenes of popping limbs, bustling heads, and endless bloodshed. Use motorbikes and cars to drive too far off locations to help the strangling people. Explore every single part of the buildings to find lifesaving antidotes and food. Use the instant switch to disappear and secretly attack your opponents.

Reverse the Deadly Virus To Save The Mankind

As a savior, you have to control the proliferation of the toxic virus. The people are attacking for no reason. Visit all 20+ locations to find the best possible remedy to eliminate the source of infection. Zombies are 2x slower than heroes, so you can quickly perform your duties. Block the zombie attacks to fight for your existence. It’s possible to get infected during adventurous fights. So, cure yourself using lifelines. Keep fighting until no zombies are left.

Fully Customize Your Characters

Extra life presents 100+ interactive elements to customize the characters. Pick a graceful dress to groom the player’s identity. This feature enables you to get an impeccable avatar to counter the monsters. Select modern arms and valuable tools to resist the zombie’s attack. You’ve options to personalize all the nitty gritty of the avatar to maximize the excitement and fun.

Plenty of Unique Characters to Fight Against Zombies

There are more than 200 unique characters in Extra Life APK. You can enter the game as a loner, master, native, survivor, protester, civilian, fighter, or soldier. Each character has exciting habits and qualities to combat zombies. Try to play with a different avatar to grasp all the personal styles and actions. Use a particular identity to enter into the warzone without being assaulted.

Team up With Various Warring Factions

The developer divided the game into 8 warring factions. Each level has a specific section to fight. With different races and ideologies, all the communities are convinced to eradicate the zombies. Because of a disastrous situation, you’ll control the protesters, raising their voices for their rights. You’ve to team up with fighters and soldiers to execute an invincible attack to sweep away the infected creatures. It is funny to use local intelligence and support to track your enemies.

Cure Zombies With the Help of Masters

Extra Live has the exciting feature of healing diseased humans. Masters, spiritual and pious, have extraordinary power to cure zombies. For this, they don’t need a syringe or potion. Moreover, they can ride all the dangerous animals like tigers, wolves, and bears. Contrary to other communities, the master does yoga to recover their health and stamina instead of food and meat. Such unusual characteristics make the game highly interactive.

Visit Mysterious Locations with New Stories

In Extra Lives APk, you’ll discover more than 50 locations with unprecedented challenges. It would help if you cleared Super City to evacuate the unharmed inhabitants. Hundreds of zombies are wandering in the train station. Use instant killing mode to eliminate hundreds of monsters. Prepare an extensive combat plan to clear populated areas like schools, churches, graveyards, sewers, and Chinatown.

Various Interesting Gaming Modes

With other fantastic features, Extra Lives offers you 3 exclusive gaming modes to play without getting bored. Choose survival mode if you want to protect all human factions without any external help. Join fellow survivors to fight against the vampire in magnificent death matches. The developers added an editor mode to pick and choose all the elements of the gameplay freely. Overall, it’s one of the best action games.

Combine 2 Objects to Make a New Weapon

Another stunning aspect of Extra Lives Mod APK is that you can combine any two objects and convert them into a new item. Plenty of combinations are available to use during the deathmatches. Grab two things in your fist and press two buttons to transform them into a new weapon. The combos are divided into 4 categories according to the deadliness and damage

  1. Basic or level 1 crafts (combination of natural objects like a log, rocks, leaves, etc)
  2. Level 2 crafts (combinations of the output of basic things, i.e., log + hammer = Oar)
  3. Advanced crafts (includes heavy weapons like rocket launchers, machine guns, etc)
  4. Crafts with crystal (combination of any object having crystal)

Some of our favorite valuable combos are given below.

Basic ItemsCombo Weapon
Handgun + RockRifle
Handgun + BowCrossbow
Blade + Baseball BatBarbed Bat
Blade + MacheteSword
Blade + LogKnife
Axe + HammerPickaxe
Hammer + HammerAxe
Cane + MacheteScythe
Cane + BladeSpear
Leaves + LeavesBackpack

Simple Interface and Easy Control

The interface of Extra Lives is quite handy. The simple touch control offers a great experience. You can kill and survive using only 5 buttons. The health meter and other setting options are well-designed and beautifully positioned. Power and aim with guns and rifles to blow up the zombie’s heads. This Mdickie game is simple and entirely user-friendly.

Stunning 2D Graphics and Horrible Sounds

Gear up for the sensational and dramatic series of actions with Extra Lives Mod APK. It’s cool and has eye-catching 2D graphics. The background of each fight looks realistic. When the player attack, the flow of blood is enough to tremble you with fear of assault. Moreover, you can simultaneously hear the horrible sound and voices of tools and creatures. Overall, the user interface is classy and sleek enough, never to let you leave the mission.

System Requirements

With intuitive and dynamic graphics, Extra Lives has a lightweight file. You can easily install this game on a mobile device with a minimum of 1GB RAM. Also, it’s compatible with Android 5.1 and above models. MDickie Extra Lives is one of the successful games in the adventure genre. It’s approximately 5.5 million followers and a 4.4+ rating on Google Play.

Additional Information

  1. Free latest Mod version
  2. In-built landscape orientation added
  3. Automatic high frame rate

Pros and Cons


  • A massive jumble of characters at every level
  • Unlimited premium features
  • Great RPG simulation game
  • New characters and locations added
  • New combos and weapons added
  • Repeating bugs and errors removed
  • No root is required to install the app


  • No tutorial for learning the game concept
  • Multiplayer online mode is not available
  • Zombies’ speed is exceedingly slow


Is Extra Lives Mod APK Free?

The modified Extra Lives Unlimited Health and Ammo are free for Android users. You can infinitely upgrade the gameplay and customize it as needed. 

Is Extra Lives Mod APK Safe to download?

Yes, it’s safe to download the Mod app. We use highly advanced scanners and anti-virus software to make it 100% secure. 

Is Extra Live Mod APK Available on Play Store?

No, Extra Lives Mod APK is the modded variant of the official games. So you can download it on the Play Store. Click on the download button to download this third-party app and start your thrilling journey.

How Many Characters are in Extra Lives?

Start associating with 200+ characters residing in 8 warring factions. Each has its approach to sorting out the difficulty.

How Do You Cure Zombies in Extra Lives?

After the terrible attack, your player can turn into a zombie. Cure yourself with a syringe or potion. Similarly, you can help other characters assigned to the mission. A timer starts tickling after the attack. So, quickly find the antidote to control the infection. 

Is There Any Risk of Getting Banned in Extra Lives Unlimited Health?

No, Extra Lives Mod is developed and modified by an external source, so it’s not updated like the official app. Therefore your account will not be banned in any way.


We tried to give an extensive review of the game. We hope you get all the answers to your queries. The refreshing storyline and actions of Extra Lives give you goosebumps. Understand your role and untie the knots of global disaster. A wide range of arsenal and glamorous combo tools helps in the survival of the remains. Use the free unlocked version to get unlimited points and money to upgrade the hero and double your excitement.

Download the latest version of Extra Lives Mod APK Unlimited Money and Health

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